How Jesus Christ Taught Us To Pray (Part 2)

If you can remember what I explained to you in our previous post teaching about prayer in the Part 1 of the this article.

I mentioned about the method of praying to God. Either Praying louder or Praying silently.

If you know you have not read the previous Part of this Prayer teaching article. Please just checking out the list below:

  • How Jesus Christ Taught Us To Pray (Part 2)

Today in this post we are going to talk about what we must do before we pray.

Although any body have his or her own freedom to pray to God our creator through Jesus Christ that God already sent to us as our salvation.

But many of us like to ask and receive an answer but do you know not all prayer answered. Yes all prayer received but not answered.

And the Bible let us know also that such prayer without doing the right thing that He commanded us will not be answered by God.

Don’t be afraid with this statement. What you will do for the prayer to go straight away to God and to receive your answer is very simple.

Let us check our Bible and see what Jesus Christ taught us about prayer that God want us to pray. Let see below.

  • Forgive Others
  • Pray As He Will
  • Far Away From Sin

These are what I want us to discuss and this will help us to pray our prayer successfully if that is what delaying our prayer to be successful

Jesus Christ knew that people especially His disciples have no full knowledge about this that is why He taught them in case if He has gone back to heaven after the finishing of His work on this earth.

This life is full of wickedness and no one have a Love of God and forgiveness that will be like How God did to us.

God is not doing like we are doing or seeing as we are seeing. Have seen many people outside there praying to God according to their will but not will of God.

Without taking much of our time I will just like to take you direct to the point we are going today by Covering the two things that we must observe or do before we just pray out prayers.

So that the prayer will be like “Hey! This is what I want my child to ask” in the sight of God. Let’s see below:

Forgive Others

As you can see, this in this world we are just a wicked people and if Jesus Christ doesn’t came to preach love and many things to us. I don’t know what this world will turned to now.

Let us see what Jesus told us in the book of Matthew 6:14-15

Matthew 6:14-15

14 For if you forgive people their trespasses your heavenly Father will also forgive you.

15 But if you do not forgive others their trespasses your Father forgive you your trespasses.

Our God is the God of spirit and whenever we are praying to Him we must connect our mind and spirit to God in the prayer. And that our mind must pure because the Bible let’s knows that our God is pure.

Meanwhile if any body offended us we must forgive them because if not, we already dirty our mind and you can not just go in front of the lord with dirty mind or heart.

If you keep malice and you refuse to forgive the person. You are not pure and the prayer you want to pray will not be answered by God because as He loves you that exactly He did for your neighbor.

God want us to live a good life that will have peace not fight or riots. God loves everyone together that is why He sent Jesus Christ to come and pay the price penalty for our sins. Please also check the book of John 3:16.

So unforgiving people who do bad things to you can block your blessings that God promised you.

So just forgive them because you are also a sinner and you are asking God to forgive you and He is doing so. Is not it?

So if God can forgive your sin no matter how your sin is, then you don’t have any option than to have the spirit of God that forgiving others.

Not only to forgive them but forget about what they did wrong to you. This is the will of God. If you do this then you are going to pray and receive.

Pray As He Will

Anybody that connect with God in prayer. Do you know the person know what he or she looking for from the Lord our God.

But what you are asking God to do must be a prayer that lies on the will of God.
Don’t just keep asking God something that He never want it to happen to His people.

Sometime people going up and down to mountains, churches and other places to pray.

But do you know what he/she praying about? His/her prayer is all about “God kill my brother for me because he don’t want me to attend school”.
As a good Christian I don’t think such prayer is reasonable.

God want peace not just to be killing people like how it is happening in the old testament. See we are now in the time of grace through our Lord Jesus Christ.

If such prayer answered or come to pass then that is not from God because sometime most of our evil prayers answered and people thought it was from God. Capital NO.

Spirit of Satan always flying always so know what you must suppose to ask.
According to the example above, don’t pray like that. But instead pray that God should touch his live for you and by God grace he will allow you to you want him to allow you to do since it is something important for your life and for you to be successful.

Sometime, it might be the hand of Satan caused your brother not to allow you. So we must not ask something that is not good to ask.

God is not wicked as you might think but want everyone to be saved through His son Jesus Christ.

Far Away From Sin

If you don’t forgive others is part of sin but difficult for some people even if they always keeping commandment of God.

The one of the sin people don’t even care about is “I will not for give him/her”.

If you don’t know, I want you to really know that sin to God blocking your blessings. Most prayers in this generation is just a prayer of praying in vain. Why? Because their sin disallowed the prayers to be answered.

You have been asking something these days. Check the three (3) things I mentioned today and repent. Then let’s see what will happen after you have done with the solution.

Let’s see what God said about the sin that disallowed prayer to be answered. Read below:

Isaiah 59:1-2
1 BEHOLD, THE Lord’s hand is not shortened at all, that it cannot save, nor His ear dull with deafness, that it cannot hear.
2But your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, and your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He will not hear.

Ok if you don’t know what does sin to God means. It means anything you doing wrong with God. God hates sin and this making Him far away from us.

I am Calling you for repentance now not because of prayer only but because of the everlasting kingdom of God which is most important place for all Christian.

As you know our Lord Jesus Christ is coming back at any time. God will help us .

Thanks for reading our post every time. God bless you. If you have any question or suggestions drop your comment below.

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