14 Prayer Points For Mercy & Favor

You are going to have Fasting and Prayer that will help you to open the door of Mercy and Favor with this Prayer Points.

God is going to answer you powerfully if you can take this prayer seriously. Yes. Seriousness is what you need now because Satan did not joke with any Christian. Got it?

You may have been looking for mercy and Favor around you and it seem like to help for you again.

I want you to also know that Something can also cause that blockage or delay of not receiving mercy and Favor from other people around you and sometime in your Family.

These Are Things That Mighty Delaying or blocked your Blessings


Sin is what is most powerful blockage of blessing. But it seems that people don’t really care about that anymore.

God hate sin and that is why if anyone asking God something they must ask with pure mind and receive it easily with pure hands.

I am not able to talk too much about this in this post. But you soon I will give you new full post update about the topic of sin.

Just let us quickly check what the Bible told us about who is capable to receive this kind of blessing from God.

Psalm 24: 4 – 5 :- “He who has clean hands and pure a pure hearth, who has not lifted up his soul to an idol, nor sworn deceitfully. “

“He shall receive blessing from the Lord, and righteous ness from the God of his salvation.”

Do you know the point I want you to observe now? The point is the person who have pure heart and pure hands is the only going to receive the blessing you are asking.

Either you are man or woman. Be faithful to God by far away from sin then if you know you done with this, then ask and you shall receive from God.


Battle of Satan is what most people facing because once you become the real original child of God you are now enemy of Satan and the Satan is also your enemy.

Now, anything can happening at anytime. Just that Christian must be at alert in the power of Jesus Christ to face and conquer the battle of your enemies.

You will be learning more fully about this in the future on this website.

That is why you need to be prayerful in all times because everyday is full of evil. Who owns the evil. It is Satan.

Hope am not talking too much. But I want you to understand this.

I don’t believe that my friend or other people are my enemies that is wrong if I think they might be my enemies.

Am not full in saying this, that is why Jesus said we should also pray to our enemy because of our false doctrine that other people might be our enemies.

But this is the point I want you to know about this according to how Holy Spirit directing me to explain.

They are not your enemies but the devil that is living inside them is your enemy that is why that person is not.

Sometime when you are doing something that people praising you for the good things. Satan may just enter into the mind of anybody that allow Satan in their mind to threaten you or to be planning evil for you. Not that person but Satan is your enemy.

Let me just stop here, you still have a lot of things you can gain from this website. Freedom is yours in Jesus mighty name. Just say AMEN and believe this prophesy.

So, no matter how or where the problem can from. Just believe this that this Prayer Points is very good for you.

You are going to do this Prophetic Prayer For complete 7days (If you are woman) and complete (9days if you are a man).

Don’t forget that you will add fasting to this Prophetic Prayers.


Praise and Worship:

Use thus time to give thanks to God for everything. Sing a son of praise or just prayer of praise.

Ask God to forgive you any kind of sin you did and if you remember some of them then mentioning it in your prayer of forgiveness.

Holy Spirit:
Ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit. Invite Holy Spirit to join you in that prayer you want to pray.


  1. Truely I have far away from you Olord. Please let your Mercy locate me in the name of Jesus
  2. All of the guilty of sin in my life and and annoyance and judgement upon me and my family. Clean them away from my life in Jesus name
  3. All my glories that sins have turned to reproaches and shames. The blood of Jesus wash it off in Jesus name
  4. All the road blessings, glory and success that Satan and sin have blocked or closed for me. I command for you to open in Jesus name
  5. All the marks of evils and darkness that were inside my like. The blood of Jesus cleaning them off away with the blood of Jesus Christ.
  6. You my life, I command you by the power of God. Receive your Mercy and Favor in Jesus name
  7. I use the mercy of God to open the door of my success today right now in Jesus mighty name
  8. All the plans of evil and darkness fail over me and my family
  9. At from today I receive the key of Mercy and Favor
  10. All my possession s I am receiving them back by Fire by Force by the power of God
  11. God let mercy speak out by itself in my life
  12. The hands of darkness destroying out from life in Jesus name
  13. I receive an authority of Breakthrough in Jesus name
  14. Any body that God already sent to have mercy on me. Start locating me from any corner of the world.

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