The Good 5 Reasons I Love To Be Praying

I want to mention just 5 reasons I personally love prayer which I know it will help you too to be a person that operating in the power of God through Prayer. Are you ready???

So, here is the 5 reasons below, although is more than 5 but I just drop this and next time I will mention other reason.

Prayer is The Connection

Prayer is the connection with our creator (God) and I love to be in Communion with Him but with faith.

Because He is my creator and my father that protecting and blessing me including my family.

So, I need to always be talking to him and through that prayer I always feeling His presence.

I always love to be with Him in the spirit realm because He is always with me and one of the best way to make that relation still stand is through that prayer and thank giving.

But this can not happen if we are living in our sin. I pray that God will help us to know Him better.

Revelation From God

I always want to know know the mind of God in my daily basis. In my prayer I will ask and Waiting for the answer of my requests and till God reveal to me.

So prayer is one of the way to get the revelation from our Lord who already knew everything from A-Z about our lives…..

Our God is the Lord that informing people about what that has already happened and what will happen in future.

Do you want to ask me this question:

“But we hear or getting revelation from prophets and seer. So how come?”

This kind of question is what some people asking that I will explain about next time. Just make sure you subscribe to our email news letter.

But my very short answer to the question is that, God revealing things to all His people that connecting truthfully with Him.

Solution To The Problems

When ever I feel like there is something wrong in me or family. I will just enter the Fire room where fire of prayer always burning…

I will ask God to solve the issue and I believe in my real faithfulness God, for His quick answer and Helps over my life.

Although sometime the Lord will let it be a while before the problem solve. Why? Not big deal on that because everything is in the hand of God.

But my point here is that I love to pray in the presence of God for the solution to my difficulties and glories and honor to Him.

Full Of Joy and Happiness

I don’t ever seeing something joyful that is bigger or higher than to be in the presence of God in prayer. I will feel the joy and gladness within my hearts.

This is the wonderful sign that indicating that the angels of the Lord have joined me worshiping and praying to this who is mightiest than the whole world. The Solver Of Problems.

Do you know who am talking about? It is the only one that has a great joy. So, happiness will be added to my existing happiness that already in me

I always feel like “God, it is so precious to be praying unto you always”. Because I always enjoying our meeting as the Child and his Father (God).

Whenever I feel like something like bad sign of sadness is coming I will just quickly run to God in prayer and He will comfort me through the Holy Spirit our mentor.

Darkness/Demons Must Bow and Flew Away

The Bible already told us that in the name of Jesus Christ, every knew must bow”. It is true that every knee including demons the darkness spirit to bow and respect God of host.

So when I enter the fire room where I will call out the powerful name of Jesus Christ.

No demons should stand or flying around the corner, they must bow not for me but only for God in my life by the name of Jesus Christ. That is it.

When I Starting prayer, I believe no evil darkness power or spirit will stay or hang around anywhere at all.

That is is power of prayer. Am talking about the original true prayer that connect with God.

So, prayer is what I really love that is why I am also using this time to tell you to be a person of prayer. Prayer is not only for healing, blessing, breakthrough, prosperity and lot more…

But prayer can help people that were in bondage of sins to receive salvation and deliverance from it and they will be the heritage of God.

That is why I will encourage you to learn more and even more on How to Pray the prayer truthfully to the creator our God Almighty.

Try and let’s go to the fire room of God where prayer will connect to our God that answering by fire.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment. Thanks for reading…

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