Changing Your Prayer Life In This Year 2020

In fact if you want me to tell you the truth about prayer. Without praying I can tell you it is a sin because as a good child to his father. You have to always talk to your father. So what about Father of all fathers which is God.

It is good for child to always communicate to His father either by asking question of what the child don’t know or what that the child don’t assured of.

The father will surely glad for such communication because that is the sign of love between the child and the father. So, what do I mean by that?

What I want you to know and observe in the example given above is that, when you are communicating with God always is part of the way of showing that you really love Him (God) and aware of His being in your life. Are you getting me now??? Am asking…

And in this case when you ask for something according to His will, I believed that you will surely receive without any regretting.

That is why Jesus Christ ask this question below from the people to let them know that asking and praying to our righteous Father in heaven bring out good result for them to understand.

“Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent? – Matthew 7:10 ”

This passage let you know that if we know how we give our children good thing whenever they ask.

That means God who is righteous and Holy will give us good things even more than our requests.

So prayer is good and is the powerful way to commune with our Creator. I mean our heavenly Father that loves everyone of us.

Start New Prayer Life in 2020. What Do I Mean?

I want to mention the few ways to improve your prayer journey in this year 2020. So, let’s go now..

Upgrade Your Time Of Prayer:

How is so good and precious? if you go and spend a lot of times, days, weeks, and months with your family or your good friends that always need you to be successful. Am not talking about those enemies like friends.

Truly, those friends and family will love you more and more… Believe me or not. This is exactly the reason why you need to spend more time with your heavenly father and see His good reaction to your life.

God is always active and eager to hear from His children, no matter how uncountable they are…. Yes. Because we can not count how many people living in this world.

Truly, the scientist and others tried to but they can’t at all. I mean if there is newest computer that programmed to count the population, it will fail. But the truth is that only God known. So…..

Still God is hearing the voices of those who calling upon Him. But the best effective way is to be calling him in truth and pure mind.

So, you must find special time to commune with God Almighty, I mean the huge time to defeat your flesh will. To glorify God.

If you have special 20munites you are using to have discussion and prayer to the Lord then you suppose to add more in this year.

What of if you add another 20 to 30 minutes to it to make it 40 to 50 minutes. Wow, that will be great and make your prayer life strong enough more than before.

I just used that as an example because some people have special 2hours to God and you need to add to it this year. God is everything for us.

You must have special day and time to have meeting with God in the realm of the spirit. And Am not talking about Sunday service, or any other program times in the Church.

But your own personal meeting with God and His angels. This is a must for all good Christians and then am not talking about only pastor, evangelist, apostle, bishop etc… Everyone of you and your family must have time and more special good time for God

Check Your Self And Be Updated

Checking your self means to observe how far about your relationship with God Almighty that send Jesus Christ to this world for our salvation.

Look and see where you have been coming from and the place you are going. That means some people still eating and drinking in their sin have thought in their minds that they are still serving God.

We can not deceive God anymore  but is very easy to deceive ourselves. Praying without good result and answer from God is not ordinary thing. This caused by your sin. That is the reason this task required. Observe your journey, movement, behaviors and others.

Sin always open the gate for blockages, poverty, backwardness and lot more but this will never be your portion in Jesus name

But the truth need to be told. When you check your self and the next step is to repent that is what I mean to update your self. And see how peace and joy from God will always locate you.

Praying must not always be to ask but to glorify, honor, worship, praise God for His mercy that endure for ever and ever. So , check your self and get back to the Fire room of prayer.

The reason why I am telling you to check your self very well are these listed below:
– Peace will come
– Blessing from God
– Prayer will be answered
– No always-asking but give thanks.

So those listed above must always coming to your way and if not occur then you might be the problem of your self through the sin of satan.

I will explain this soon, always checking this website.

Pray For Others

Don’t be stinging when it is the term of prayer and revival through the power of Jesus Christ. Not only you need prayer but this is the time for you to pray for your friends and other outside there.. Yes please pray. Is very important as a good Christian and for God

If you observe it well, you will know that I don’t even mention for you to pray for your family.

The reason is that I knew already that you are praying for your family every time you open your mouth to say something to the Lord.

I know you love them because you will not like evil to happen to them, even you will always remember the rain of blessings to fall upon them also as you are asking your own.

But if you that reading this message is not praying for your family before, please start doing it today. Always pray to help them.

But the main reason you should pray for others that is not your family is because

You are showing love of God for remembering others while communicating with your heavenly father.

Even this is just sample for you that you only giving only people that you know the money offering while some people outside there that really need someone to give them money to buy foods, clothes to wear, Etc .

Not only your family or friends need your help. Please take note of that very well. Because God is hoping to see you helping others.

When you are praying for others, it might be on these categories:
– To bless them
– To gain their souls for Christ
– To protect them
– To let them succeed
– To cast out demonic spirit etc

I will soon update this categories soon by explaining each category later.

So, don’t think it is only you, please remember Jesus Christ came for you and all people to repent and to partake and be in the kingdom of our living God Jehovah.

You know am talking about others. But do you remember or know that Jesus also mentioned that we should pray also for our enemies. Can that possible? Anyway in my next post I will narrate it with the help of God.

Go and observe and change your prayer journey and life in this year. Let Jesus Christ be the light that will lightening till you reach where you are going. Am talking about the kingdom of our God.

My question now is:
What do you think about this message .

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