Must Read: This is From Glory to Story

You are welcome to this wonderful Bible teaching or discussion for today. Hope you are fine? You are fine, I believe by God grace.

Now let us face today teaching now, if you can observe the Title or topic of today stydy, it is From Glory to Story. Please before we proceed let’s us firstly read this Passage below:
PLEASE READ: Genesis 45:1-13

Please put this Bible Verse in your memory:
So you shall tell my father of all my glory in Egypt, and of all that you have seen; and you shall hurry and bring my father (Genesis 45:13).

It is popularly said, if there is no event, then there will be no history. This simply means all the activities we are involved in the journeys of life will summarize our migration from story to glory, one day. Actually, man lost the original glory in the beginning. What remains thereafter is nothing, but flashes of glory. And only very significant few people struggle to attain it. The ultimate Christ, therefore, is our hope of glory in Jesus Christ.

Joseph’s life and time, educate a lot, about the story of a man, who passed through thick and thin to attain his destiny. Probably, you have lost and have been disappointed long enough. Listen to this, Joseph had been in the pit long enough, demoralized, humiliated, lied against and terrorized. But on a certain day, the Lord had appointed. His story changed.

From the moment Pharoah’s dreams began to haunt him, the Lord began a process of change of status of Joseph. Stories that would lead to glory and land you in your destination are usually painful, seemingly long, discomforting, demoralizing and leaving the unsteady with the temptation to doubt the closeness, faithfulness and the unfailing power of God (Isaiah 26:1-3). All you need is God’s intervention which He has never denied His people. Be ready.

It really does not matter how long you have been on that sickness poverty, crises ridden marriage, decline in business, financial turbulence etc, declare it today that a wind of positive change blows. Your story will change for the better. The Lord who specialises in turning impossibility to possibility, is still very much around and present in your situation (Ps. 47:1). He will surely help you. Stay alerted!


1. Lord, I command that every long standing affliction in my life, family, career, and ministry be stopped, now in Jesus’ name.
2. Oh Lord, help couples who are passing through turbulent times to overcome
3. Lord, create in our children new hearts to trust and obey You and their parents as they struggles to be somebody in life.

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