The Altars Of God VS Darkness Altars

Altar is a special place where something good or bad happening when the permission accepted through the power in the place. This may not clear to you at all for now but I will make sure you understand this very well.

Because if you don’t understand the real meaning altar, you will still there break the law attached to it. Yes, of course you will not know how it is powerful to operate the alter of God

There are two different altars am going to firstly mention to you below for good and clear explanation. So that you will not be a stranger to this at all.

And you will be able to know how it’s really works as a good Christian that following Jesus Christ the king of all kings that is coming back soon.

I will just encourage you now to follow the list below and read carefully. The two altars I want to mention now are:

  • Holy Altar
  • Darkness Altar

The two altars I just mentioned above is the altars that is in this world now. So both of them powerful that can also collapse the mountain but just that there is one there that is the most powerful than the other one.

Can you guess that? I know you have already known the type of altar that am talking about but only if we do and establish the it as our father God want us to do it for His glory and power.

So I Here Below is The Explanation of Each Altars:

The Holy Altar:

This Holy altar is the altar that we made for the glory of God Jehovah and His angels. This is where you will always focus on with your pure mind that you are going to pray and to meet your angels of God that always working with you throughout the days and nights and  for worshiping.

God really like you to have a special place where it will be in His name to have spiritual meeting and worshiping.

Let me just quickly use the Jacob story to make something clear for you, please just read the full story by opening the book of (Genesis 35 vs 1-15). But the verse I want to use is the verse 14 which says:

“   “

That means some of you people don’t even understand the place where Jacob see the glory of God. God angels ascending and descending in the place. That is why God almighty told him to made an altar there for Him.

This make us know that our God really like to be communicating with us in spirit and especially when we have a physical place of altar that we designed for His glory alone. There is power in the altar you made for God.


This altar is a place where all your books will be taken place. Do you know the books am talking about? It is Christian books that you always reading, you collected somewhere to boost your spiritual life, some Christian legends story books in your area. And many more…

Even this same altar is a place where your Bible, ringing bell, anointing oil, anointing bottle of water, etc will be taking place. This will also be the special place that if you have a special fasting and prayer, you will be there and pray unto God.

But the important thing is that the place must be the honored place of God. Don’t spoil the place with any ungodly things at all.

That is why you also see many Church altars that don’t even function again in the realm of spirit. Just that only the grace of God prayer answering in such Churches. Be careful in term of building an altars of God.

This Holy altar is the place where the angels of God will always be descending and ascending every day and time for the glory of God in your life and family.  Because anything you ask there is undoubted because it is powerful authority of God dwelling outside and inside of the place of God you made.


Darkness Altar

This kind of altar is a place of evil power operating their own evil power. This is a place of authority of darkness spirit taking place.

Meanwhile if they want to destroy the lives of people, no doubting of the place they are going to operate. It is on the altar they already made to always making contact with the power of Satan their father. Yes, this is true.

Are you getting my point now? If you still not get. Just continue reading and God will make it clear for you. But I want to explain to you the reason why I am explaining this darkness altar for you. It is because of these listed below.

  • To know how they were operating
  • To understand what they are doing secretly to help you defeat their evil plans
  • To know how powerful, they are. Yes they has evil power.
  • To know where and when to pray
  • To observe when they have started their evil
  • To help us to be vigilant in the spirit


See, I can never deceive you because you are my friend and family in our Lord Jesus Christ in God. The truth is that the darkness people has a place where they meet, gather for a meeting to destroy lives of people and other bad assignment of Satan.

But I pray by the power of Jesus Christ. Your life is protected from them in Jesus Christ name.

Some of the evil people don’t have group, but still have an altar where they do incantation to spoil something valuable in people.

Their place contains so many ingredients and arsenals that make contact connection with Satan their father to complete their evil operation.

Sometime this will be physical or spiritual alters because I don’t want you to be confused. But I will still explain this in future. So, the darkness alters are the places where bad angels always be dwelling and living.

I mean the fallen angels that came down with Satan from heaven on the day that God and His angels sent them away from heaven to the earth. That is why so many problems in this earth.

That is why you need to give your life to Jesus Christ totally and waiting for the kingdom of God that has peace, joy and all good things we already lost in the time of our fore father and mother Adam and Eve.  You can read the book of (Genesis chapter 1, 2 and 3). To learn more about story.


But my main point is that if the darkness and evil people has an altar to spoil lives but we as a good Christian prayer warrior of Christ, what is stopping or disturbing us for having the place to operate in the mighty power of God and defeat them.

I am talking about the Holy Altars of Living God Jehovah where you always go to meet God in worshiping and Successful Prayer. Even this will really help you to change your prayer life in this year.

See, this life is not just like bread and butter but the life where you don’t need to sleep. When am talking about sleeping, am not talking much about physical, but sleepiness in the spirit.

Because the evil people don’t sleep at all. Satan is always working in the lives of those who are always sleeping in the spirit. I am encouraging you Christian of the living God to wake up now and build the altar.

And if I am talking about the altar am talking about the place of fire where the fire of God always burning every day and night in the spiritual realm.

So this is time to remind you what I said about the great powerful alter. Without any mistake, The Holy alter of the living God is what you must build to let us arise and defeat the power of Satan in our Lives, family, friend’s lives, in churches, our areas.

Please let’s stand up and depopulate the evil and darkness power with the great mighty name that we have been given already by God. That is the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.



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