Prayer and Deliverance

Firstly, let me ask you this simple question that I believe 90% of the people knew about. But I just want to remind you in case you forget or not aware about the meaning.

What Is Prayer?

I will just answer this now with simple explanation. Prayer is the way we are using to communicate with our creator.

Hope you know the creator? God almighty is our creator. And His name is Jehovah according to the word of God. Hallelujah!

As children communicate to their Father that exactly how you are communicating with God in your Prayer.

No matter any how or method you use to pray Him. He is able to hear your voice as a father to child.

Jesus taught people in His sermon and teaching that we must be praying.

Jesus Christ always going out in the morning to pray even before His disciples wake up. This does not mean He don’t want them to know how to be praying too.

Not at all, Jesus is not stingy. But it is just a lecture for them also to know that it is very important to find time to pray.

In this post I want to make something clear to you about the way we are praying nowadays.


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