How To Start A Blog & Making Money Monthly

You are going to learn all the steps from A-Z on how you will start your own blog website from scratch. Just make sure you Read Everything till ENDGospel blog is something that some people find it difficult to do or start. Anyway this is also for any other type of blog may be it will be a blog out of gospel.

Because we have many type of blog niches that people really love to be blogging about. Such as Company blog, Business Blog etc. You can blog on anything you will love to sharing with others.

But here all what we are going to teach you is all about how you can create a gospel blog to preach the gospel and also it is a must for blogger to earning money with theirs blog if they did it well.And blogging is more than just to get blog Website and looking for money to just coming. That is part of why most blogger fail to generate good income .See the idea of this gospel blog is what you will use to build your own blog in case you don’t want to be blogging in gospel line.But note that, it is not a sin but it is very good to use your own blog to proclaim the word of God. I recommend it to you.Many Christian run away when we are telling them that they should build up gospel blog.These Are The Reasons People Dont want to blog around gospel:Although our blog about “The Gospel” is not created because of money. If we did that means we don’t have the love of our Jesus Christ in our lives.But it is very important to be earning money for the development of our lives and to make this gospel continue without looking back because of money. Blog is good.Blog itself is the source of income, so don’t worry money will come but just let us build the website for His glory first. Hope you get what am trying to say? If yes then let’s proceed. If your blog is not about gospel you are welcome also. God will help you too.Now, These are what we are going to cover in this teaching about blog and making money guild with blog. See the list.

  • Introduction
  • Difference of Blog & Website
  • What To Blog About
  • Domain & Hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Install Plugins
  • Write Your First Post
  • Getting Traffic
  • Start Making Money


Blogging is one of the best way to interact or the means to be getting people into what we are doing or knowledgeable about.This is not hundred to thousand of people but million to uncountable of people you will reach. That is the buggest cance you will have in the term of blogging.But please let me ask you something. Let me just explain.Assuming that you reach 100,000 people as a sample and all of them gave you jus $1 in one day . How much is that? Is it not $100,000 you got just 1day.What of if each of them gave you $50, how much ia that will be? calculate ($50 x 100,000= ANSWER THIS YOURSELF). Don’t let me calculate it but find out the answer now on your calculator and know the answer by yourself because I knew the answer already.Am not telling you to open a gospel Website because you heard or known that blog can generate you money. But am telling you it is 100% possible for someone to make good income from blogging.You are not going to make it right now or overnight because blogging is not overnight Money Making scheme. But best way to generate million of dollar in the future.Blog is the process of writing and allow people to read so that they can gain knowledge from author. If you start today, then you become author.Although blog can be to be updating or writing news every time to time for the people to know what is happening around them. That is blogging.That is the same thing for those that teaching people how to do something. Yes that is what blogging means too.The website you are reading this blogging guild on is a gospel blog that am using to teach about Prayer and Deliverance.But not because of money but I want you people in Christ to have financial freedom and Blogging is the good way to have.I just want to teach you blogging because I love sharing the great opportunity to my fellow people.Especially I want all ministers of God to start their blog too and make money for the glory of God. Yes. Although it depends if God allow you to do.Apart of making money, ministers of God can reach thousand to millions of people to preach the of Jesus Christ. Blog have a lot of benefits.

Reason For Blogging

To make money: People start their blogging journey because they want to genarate good income online. Yes very good but dont do that for gospel blog. ok? if I catch you. Smiles….
To reach people: This is very good to reach many people that will know what you have to offer them. Gospel blog is very good in this. Pastors, this is an opportunity.

To be Famours: Blogging make you be a well known person throughout the world . But Gospel blogger must not blog because of this but blog will let people know you in this world. But let people seeing Christ in you.

How Do I Start?

To start blogging is highly easy but hard if you don’t know the way out. But thank God you are in the right place to learn from a-z.All you will just need to have are:

  • What to be writing about (Learn this soon)
  • Desktop or Laptop (or good phone if you don’t have the two)
  • Blog Website
  • Getting Traffic (Learn this soon)

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