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How Jesus Christ Taught Us To Pray ( Part 3)

As you known that we mentioned just three things that we must do or observe before we start our prayer in the part 2 of this article about the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ about prayer.

But if you are just a new comer or you just missed our previous teaching. It is very important to read it before you prompt here.

You can check the list below to see which part of this series you missed. Please Check the list below:

  • How Jesus Christ Taught Us To Pray (Part 3)

All glories and honors to God only for this great teachings from the great teacher our Lord Jesus Christ.

Today we want to see what the Lord taught us in the Bible about how to pray a good prayer.

There are something happening nowadays about asking God for something and after the prayer, no result. Yes it is happening in the lives of many Christians

The altar of God in our mind must be Holy or else nothing we ask can be answered. Yes it is true.

We are going explain about how we can go into the hill or mountain of God in the realm of spirit to receive our great blessings and answers from God almighty.

Before we continue in this lesson, let us look at what the scripture says about what I recently mentioned above because that is where am going today.

Psalm 24:3 (KJV)

Who we ascend into the hill of the Lord?, or who may stand in His Holy place?

This do let me know in my mind that not all the people can go in front of God as He want and ask without need to have something to do before. God has rule and regulation

Psalm 24:4 (KJV)

He (or she) who has clean hands and pure heart, who has not lifted up his (or her) soul to an idol, nor sworn deceitfully.

In the scripture we read above, it mentioned like four (4) important points that God taught us in this passage to do. They are:

  1. Clean Hands
  2. Pure Heart
  3. Idol
  4. Deceitful

Clean Your Hands

Does this really telling us that we must wash or clean our hands before we pray? Anyway it is good in that way also if we want to.

But the passage not mentioned about washing our physical hands but is good because it is part of cleanliness in our surrounding. Do I correct?

But if we are reading or talking about our hands that must cleaned in the Bible or if you are hearing it from our pastor, evangelist, Prophet etc.

They are talking about spiritual things. Which means we must not lay our hands into sin that is something that not good. If you are among the people “saying we must kill him or her”.

Don’t you observe something bad in that? That means you lay your hand on sin that you should kill your neighbor. While the Bible says ” we shall not kill “.

Your hands is not clean and such person will just pray in vain because the prayer will not answered.

Just make your hands clean even if they are telling you to join them in doing something that will make God angry. Far away from them .

Apart of killing. We have so many things that will dirty your hands in the spiritual realm like stealing, fornication, and other means of sin and bad habits.

Holy Spirit of God will make it clear to you more in Jesus name. Repent and make your hands clean by keeping God commandment.

The Pure Heart

Everyone that want to be asking and receive must have pure heart. If I want to tell you in other way, you must have holy heart.

Your heart is the source of thoughts either good or bad. If you want your heart to be pure you must do this two things which I Mentioned also in the Part 2 of this teaching.

  • Forgive
  • Love People

Forgive: you must have the spirit of forgiveness because if you did your heart will pure and your mind will FREE. And you will have joy.

Even if you are praying and you know someone offended you. Go and tell him/her and settle the matter between you and the person. That is what Jesus want us to do.

That not means you didn’t have wisdom. Even if the person is who must come and plead or beg you. Go and settle the matter and forgive the person. Now your heart clean. That is wisdom of God.

Love People: This is the biggest law of God that will help you to make your heart clean and you will also have peace of mind.

The Bible also let us know that the hottest love cover your sin. If you love people you will not be thinking bad things to them.

Make your heart clean and pure by always thinking about the love of God over your life, family and friends. This is will of God.

So if you want to go or ascend into the holy hill of God, you must clean your mind by praying, singing a joyful songs to Lord and don’t have any evil bad thoughts in your heart. God loves this.


We will update this soon


We will update this soon

Thanks for reading and God will bless you in Jesus mighty name. Amen

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