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How Jesus Christ Taught Us To Pray ( Part 4)

You are highly welcome again to the part 4 of this teaching. If you have not read the previous teaching. Please you can Check the part you have not read in the list below:

  • How Jesus Christ Taught Us To Pray (Part 4)

Here today we still want you to understand the “how to pray a prayer according to our Lord Jesus Christ taught us to”.

Our efforts is for you not to follow the false teaching that is everywhere now. Take time please.

Take note everything you learn about prayer and the way you can be delivered by the power in the name of Jesus.

I want you to know about the prayer that God really want from you right now. That is what I want us to know today in this part. Just pay attention for you to be blessed. The prayer that you must always allow to be in your mind all the times.

Many of us always pray any prayer that is not what you suppose to pray except if you pray these Prayers in the list below:

  • Prayer of Repentance
  • Prayer to be counted
  • Pray for others (even enemies)
  • Prayer of blessing

Don’t even let your mind shakes with the list above. That is not the ” a must” way to pray if you need good result, but very good.

I just want you to know that it is very important to having them in your mind because that is the love of God. If you do, you will receive more than your request.

Now let’s go instantly to explain about it. We will also use the Bible verses to make it stand and clear to you. Word of God is powerful and I pray that God will be answering your prayers anytime you call upon Him in Jesus mighty name.

Prayer of Repentance

Firstly the prayer is not just for anybody except a believer in Christ. If you want to become a Christian it is a must to repent from any sin and that is what will make you compatible to pray and receive from God almighty.

But assuming you already repent and you are now a Christian. You still need to be praying for Repentance because no one is perfect. Do you?

Also think about the people around you that you know they are not of God. And you want them to come into repentance. Then go into or remembering them in your day-to-day prayer.

Pray for God to touch their souls and to make them be the vessels of God. Yes this is how Jesus did on the cross. You may want to ask me how did Jesus did that? Yes check the book of (Luke 23:34)

Luke 23:34
And Jesus prayed, Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. And they divided His garments and distributed them by casting lots for them

After the people that want to kill Jesus did many harms to Jesus and still He pray for God to forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing.

Anyway if it was you right now and you have people that doing something bad for you may be stole your money, abuse you or other things. Will you pray such prayer to God. Just be sincere.

I know how you will feel when those things happened, but still you need to pray for God to forgive them and their soul to be touched mightily by God. So that they will come for repentance.

This prayer is needed for this group in the list below:

  • Your Friend: You may have most friends doing what is not the will of God. And you want God to open his/her to repent. This is your time to pray for the person.
  • Your Family: Not all our family members believe in the Lord. Just that we need to preach to them and if seems that they still not want to give their lives to Christ please don’t be confused or scared. It is Satan that closed their eyes and hearts in the realm of spirit. Just be helping them in your prayers and by God grace God will touch their hearts. So shall it be.
  • Your Households: All the people that you are living with in your own house or the house you rented. They already know you are a Christian but it is difficult for them to follow you. Or may be after you have taught/preached to them they still need the help of God to gain their lives. Pray and God will answer. Only God can help.
  • People in Your Town/Street: In your town or the street you are. Preach to them and pray the prayer that will bring them to Christ. This is what God need you to be doing as a good Christian of God. A pastor can host a revival/crusade to preach and pray for the hand of God to touch the people in town or street.
  • In Your Working Place: You have prayed for God to give you job and God provided. You are not just their to work and making money but you are also there to preach to them about the word of God. If it seems that they want to see you as their enemy or they hate what you are preaching to them. Your prayer is needed here. Find time to pray for God to bring them to Him for repentance.

Don’t see me as the person that not serious because that is part of what God called you to do.

And this is what you will do to open the chance for your prayer to be answered.

Prayer to be counted

This is the act of praying for God to allow you to be among the people that will be in the kingdom of God. God to count you with them in the kingdom of thee.

If you have it in mind that the kingdom of God is the best and most important place for you. Then you are now in the journey to pray and receive from God.

Because the word of God told us that the kingdom of God is what we must seek first. Yes see below:

Matthew 6:33
But seek first of all His kingdom and His righteousness , and then all these things taken together will be given you besides.

Pray for others (even enemies)

Any prayer you are praying always remember your friends and family also because this is the love of God for us.

And as you praying for others you are building up faith and more great power of God in you.

That is one of the most powerful way God can increase your power and also receive more and more answers.

In the life of Christian, you must not be stingy at all. Yes of course

The more you stinging at people in prayer is the more your rank will be reducing. Just let us build up the kingdom of God with the powerful word of God and prayers of loves.

Prayer of blessing

After you have observed and do according to the will of God about prayer as I explained above, now this is your time to ask for blessing, prosperity etc and you shall receive. Yes.

What really happened is that something we must do first is what some of us doing last. And that is why many prayers not answered and people thought there is no God again. And there is God. 100% Sure and Confirmed.

Our God is a miracle worker and He is hearing everything we are asking but just that we need to follow Him accordingly. That is why Jesus taught us and we must obey. All glories and honors to God.
Thanks for reading this post and I pray that God will answer your prayer.

Please share this to others and receive more blessings from God in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you very much.

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