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How Jesus Christ Taught Us To Pray ( Part 5)

Prayer is the best key to the room of your success in this life and do you also knows that Satan always fear when he hearing the Christian praying with their faith to God. Yes in biggest fear.

This is where you must know that prayer is the powerful tool to defeat Satan and his angels/demons.

Note: If you have not read our previous teaching in this prayer series. Check the list below and check it out to read .

Prayer is the most

  • How Jesus Christ Taught Us To Pray (Part 5)

Today we want you to understand what prayer means . Do you know that God using your prayer when is needed.

I know you don’t understand now but I want to make it clear for you. Before I continue, let’s check what the word of God says about this. Yes, read it below.

Ephesians 6:18 (KJV)

“Praying always with all prayer and Supplication in the spirit being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints.”

In this passage, apostle Paul let every one of us knows that praying always have a good impact in our lives. That let me knows that it is not just something we must playing with.

Is it not Prayer? If it is, then stop playing around it because prayer itself making the rain of Fire fall down. Yes, that also happened when Elijah prayed and God sent Fire. If he don’t pray God will never sent Fire.

That is the rule of God. If you don’t call upon God will not do anything for people except you invite Him to do the things.

Because many people asking this kind of question that “is God does not know what I need?”.

Truly I say to you that God know everything from a-z about your life and what you really want even what you will need 30years to this time.

But just that if you don’t invite Him to do it, He will not do. But sometime He will do if you walk rightful on His part.

If you are in any situation don’t forget praying to God. Either Bad or in good situation don’t just let Satan kill off the fire of God that is inside of you. Be careful

All my Advises here is to be going in the front of God in Prayer even with fasting if possible (not a must). Pray without limit.

Jesus Christ prayed before the ministry began and at the end of His journey on this earth He prayed and that is what He taught us because it is very good not to stop praying. Keep praying and it shall be well with you.

Thanks for reading and God will bless you abundantly in Jesus mighty name. Share to your Friends and Family. Thanks.

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