See How This Motorcycle Stealer Killed By People

This is all about the thief that was killed by people at Ilesa, Osun state. This guy is part of those people that stealing motorcycle, not just stealing but killing people to take their motorcycle from them.

I mean they will take the motorcycle from the owner by force, with some dangerous tool in their hands like Cutlass, knife etc. Don’t you see now that this life is turned to something else now. I believed this is part of the end time signs.
Our youths nowadays want to feed family, buying cars, build house, going abroad without having a particular work they are doing. They don’t want to work but to get money in any ways they find it. So serious, believe me this is work of Satan to gain their souls to hell fire.

This is what they are doing now these days. If we are telling them the truth, it will just be like we don’t love them. See the end of this wicked guy, he left wife and children, you will not fall into victim of these dangerous people . God will protect you in Jesus mighty name. Amen and Amen.

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