Let us Pray For The Fire Of God

I am wondering why some of you people still living the life that lukewarm even some have so cold.

That is why most prayer not answered from God nowadays because we are not burning with fire as the olden days.

Am talking about those our apostles of God that serve the lord truly with their hearth and burning with the Fire of Holy Ghost.

My Brother and Sister. Live A Life Of Fire. This Is The Time Your Enemies Will Come For Forgiveness.

This is the time when you will just go and buy something in a shop the shop owner will just see people coming to buy because your fire have destroyed evil plans against the shop.

Do I tell you? If you live a life of fire you will sleep and the darkness and evil spirit and enemies from Satan will not touch you

I am telling you that if fire surrounding you no evil arrows will enter even before the arrow enter it will catch fire.

Someone should remind me the day where Jesus is just going jejely, and that man who has evil demons spirit shout “Jesus, do you want to destroy us”. Kai. It is because the fire is too much.

What of apostle Paul that just going out to preach about the word of God and the witch woman is shooting and following him and shout ” This is the real men of God that proclaiming Christ”. Oh My God.

Can you please let pray about the fire to fill our stomach and belly. That mad person must receive deliverance and accept Jesus Christ.

Sorry, I mean let go by the power and fire of God and heal the sick. Let the sicknesses catch fire and let God use us to populate the power of God

Are you aware as I “Evangelist David Adeniji” aware of the fire that came down in the day of Pentecost. Let ask for it.

Spray Fire Inside and Outside Your House, Office, Car etc. Am Talking About The Spiritual Fire Of God.


OK, let us pray:
God send down your fire. Fill us with fire and let us become the carrier of your fire.

Start receiving right now in Jesus name and I am commanding you out every spirit that ungodly. Get out by Fire of God in Jesus mighty name.

We are blessed. Fire all over our body, our houses, our businesses, our careers, our journeys, our lives, our glories, in the name of Jesus….

It is Done by Fire, By Fire, am saying and writing that it is already done by Fire. In the name of Jesus Christ.


Type AMEN Fire and See What Will Happen. Am feeling Fireof God destroy evil in my life. I believed in name I prayed. Amen.

~ Evangelist David Adeniji
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