In Your Dream:You Are Seeing Yourself In School

Today I want to quickly explain to you about the meaning of this dream. You are always seeing yourself in the school that you have already schooled before. Am I right?

This is not funny, because that is how the evil spirit darkness of Satan always working in the live of people especially Christians.
Dream is powerful and it is quick way to arrow people of God.

If you are seing yourself in the School that you have already went before. May be you seeing yourself in that school doing an examination or seeing your old friends in that school. You better Run to God.

You can just found yourself playing football or any thing you used to be doing in the school before. It is dangerous. Be at alert. Because the dream can fail you to do what you want to do for good.

I can never deceive you, the dream means BACKWARDNESS. Backwardness in the life of people is totally bad. Because it is a must to be moving to glorious stage and level. But instead, the person will just be in one  stage or level.

You need a serious Payer to break the covenant of Backwardness. This can affect business, career, schooling etc to slow or go back without moving forward.

Even that is why some people never be promoted to the next level or next good post in the office or in any kind of work or business . Serious Prayer is needed in this area. All powers belong to God almighty.

If you  are rich person before, this kind of dream can cause it. Not only this dream can cause it but my explanation about this dream is that . The meaning of this dream is Backwardness in the life of people.

If you have a good promise or they want to promote you, may be you want to win contract. You better be prayerful because this kind of dream can spoil the good plan. In our lives, Satan  must fail in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Do You Have Any Question Concerning this Dream? You are Free to ask me In the comment below. Thanks and God bless you.

I will update you with another Dream Interpretation very soon. Thanks.

Please Share this to your friends and Family for them to know about this too and Solution is from God almighty. God bless you in Jesus name. Amen.

~ Evangelist David Adeniji

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