The Two Type Of Sickness and Prayer of Healing

We have 2 different type of Sickness, which I will just use this time to explain although you may oppose it or argue this with me. But am not here for argument just that I want to pray for you now. Just let me explain before I proceed.

Physical Sickness: This is the sickness or weakness of the body. Whether In the blood, muscle, head, bone etc. All these can be cured. Although we have some that we believe that it can not be cured but by the power of God it will cured.

Spiritual Sickness: You may be saying what does this mean? Yes this is what really happening in the real of the spirit. So many people sicked or wicked in the spirit that is why you are seeing so many Promise and Fail, backwardness, no job, no testimony in the Church etc. These occurs through spiritual sickness and that is why you are powerless to do some good things you are willing to do.

All of these can also be cured through the Prayer of faith either Face-to-Face prayer or Online Prayer. Distance is not a barrier for the God through the Holy Spirit.

Although some physical sickness came from the realm of spirit but am not talking about that now. You will soon learning such topic soon on this same website:

Just take note of this now, either Physical or Spiritual Sickness. You will heal from anyone now if you have even just little Faith to connect with me right now in this prayer message that I am using anointed hands to type now.

If you can type AMEN (3x) and Share (3x) right now.

I command right now every sickness in your life either physically or Spiritually. Get out and destroy by Fire in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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