What I Heard From Holy Spirit On The First Sunday, January 2020

I want to share this message with you, that is what I heard from the Holy Spirit of God and I believed this will change lives of people. Because I just realized some things that I don’t really observe very well before.
I realized so many things that I will not mention below at all but I pray Holy Spirit of God will teach you more and more than this in Jesus name..
In the first Sunday in this month of January 2020, Holy Spirit talk to me and I can hear the voice clearly more than how I am hearing from Him in my spirit before.
He just told me that I should attend another Church on that day. I don’t know the reason why because I can not even ask, why? Hmmm
Because the feelings of Holy Ghost is too much on me and I don’t know if am in this earth or heaven.
But I know that am alive.  I went to the Church according to how the spirit led me, I am there as stranger and looking up and down and I joined my spirit with the Sunday service and I can hear the voice clearly that speaking with me.
If people observed me well, they will know something happening to me.
You might have this question in your hearth “Why Do Attended Other Church?”, Any way in case you have that thought or question.
I don’t even know but I am just explaining everything for you. But God knows everything and for telling me to attend the other Church on that day .

Let Me Go Straight To The Point Now

So as I was saying, Suddenly I just knew that the Spirit fully manifested in me and heard the voice clearly.
Fire of Holy Ghost Entered me and I scared and tired. That also caused sickness for me. But Why? Why? Why?
It is because I Heard the voice with a lot of corrections and guilty .
And I now realized some things about the Christian lives  and how I myself should stand like a soldier of Christ to win the flesh and let the spirit of God start working properly.
With the conversations of Holy Spirit with me on that (5/01/2020). I realized so many……
I can now realized these that:
  • If I pray for you and you did not believed, then my prayer is nothing over you. You just send the prayer back to me. It will not manifest until if you believe.


  • If I post prayers and prophecy online for you  and you don’t have the spiritual magnet of God in you. Kai… The prophecy can never work for you until if you join the God love Family to have the magnet. Give your life to Jesus Christ fully.


  • I realized that if I shout Fire, sure the fire will come out but if you don’t allow the Fire🔥 as I sent it from my mouth, then it will not work for you. The demons know and believed that there is Fire of God that is why they honor it by the name of Jesus Christ.


  • I now realized that God Almighty is not fool as we people think. God is not fool as we are. Yes…


  • Am in trouble if I my Facebook and other social media accounts is not catching Fire🔥 and full with the word of God. I mean the powerful word that will change lives and win souls for Christ.


  • I now noticed that most of the ministers of God just shouting because of food we ate and the food we are hoping to eat. Not because we love God work. We must not pray for people because we are expecting food stuffs or money from them.


  • I now know that out of 100% power that God want us to be using for His work is just from 5% – 25% and we are still going there shouting fire🔥. You better go and ask God for more power and repent from sins forever.


  • I noticed am in big danger if I don’t tell all my followers the real truth about God. Oh I know that the truth is bitter but I will tell. Even if they will unfriend me. Do the same too.


  • I now realized that always praying for ourselves alone without remember to pray for other body of Christ people and for salvation of souls is part of what is blocking our blessings from God.


  • I now realized that if you only going Church only because you want your business to grow and booming. Then we are fool because the business is our god not God. We love our business but don’t want to know about how we will qualify for the kingdom of Jehovah God. Repent please.


  • I realized that since those days you have been praying, it is just only from 5% – 35% out of 100% of the prayer coming to pass. I mean few of the prayer being answered by God because we don’t ask according to the rule and regulation of God almighty. You must check your self and your relationship with God.


  • That we like food too much, our stomachs always crying for food and we are running in and out to feed the stomach while our spirits crying for the food and water that will help us to inherit the kingdom of God. But we love our stomach much than the spirit. We must observe this and restore on time.


  • No one want to carry the cross because of so many bad experiences and Challenges  that were there. Because if we carry the cross, the cross is within the narrow way and so many things can be disturbing us because the road is too narrow. Lets try and carry the cross.


  • God only interested in the person who have time for Him not those who only busy in chatting with friends about their stories, journeys etc and always watching videos and hearing audios that don’t even glorify God.
And so many I can’t mention now, but I urge you to repent and accept Jesus Christ fully in your heart. Jesus Christ is Coming Back. You must prepared.
This world is not where we are going to stay for life. But the kingdom of our God in heaven so why are we not forget about the worldly things and start walking with God in the spirit and truth.
We are just here on this earth for meantime and in the kingdom of God is where we are going to have everlasting life. Trust me on this because is true.
So, let’s go back to God in prayer and ask for His forgiveness and the right way to be walking with Him . let’s far away from sin and it shall well with us in Jesus mighty name.
When you take the right step now, you will see that your life will totally change for His goodness and your prayer will never have blockages again.
You know that sometimes it is our sin that blocking our blessings. If you have not read fully about prayer, please read our “How to pray and be successful” article.
Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment and Share this to your people . Thanks very much.


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